Oil painting workshop with Karen Chevalier

Karen Knight

Medium: Oil

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Karen Chevalier makes copies of paintings for individuals, religious institutions and businesses.

She is a copyist at the Louvre Museum .

She was trained, for nearly 10 years, in ancient techniques and pictorial processes of painting with Patrice de Pracontal , professor at the French Heritage Restoration Institute then at the Pictorial Research Workshop, and author of a reference book: " Light, matter and pigment, principles and techniques of pictorial processes ".

She has also completed studies in painting restoration and training in easel painting restoration in London and Paris.

Very demanding in her work, she continues her research in ancient techniques and in the pictorial processes of painting, the principles and dimensions of color, space and contrasts.

She is sensitive to the reactions of color, to the balance of masses and values, to matter and superimpositions. This is why she prepares her colors and mediums.

She has taught in France, the United Kingdom and Spain and can therefore transmit her knowledge in French, English and Spanish and has intervened in higher schools (applied arts, business and fashion design).

It also prepares students for entrance exams to higher art schools and heritage restoration schools and accompanies artists in their creative process.

He is a very sensitive, intuitive, involved and attentive person that you will meet.

Karen will allow you to acquire or perfect a skill in oil painting, she will demonstrate on her easel with clear explanations and will share her techniques and know-how. She will listen to your sensitivity, your work and your goals. while keeping your creative potential.

The courses offered by Karen:

Stage 1

Basics and techniques of oil painting, creation of a painting.

Levels: beginners, amateurs and advanced .

With demonstrations, corrections if necessary on your creations, Karen will explain to you in a clear and sensitive way the basics and techniques of oil painting, the installation during the start, the choice of colors, the overlays.

This internship will bring you a lot of learning or promise you a new look at your work.

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Stage 2

Realization of a painting, the portrait.

All levels.

You have always liked to paint portraits, you want to open up to other perspectives or you dream of starting the portrait in oil painting.

Karen invites you to share her approach and her know-how with you. She will guide you through your painting according to your requests. You will choose the style of painter that animates you.

An internship to better understand the art of the portrait in oil painting.

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Stage 3

Realization of a painting, approach the different techniques in oil painting.

Beginner and advanced levels.

Whether it's the impressionist or modern technique, fresh superimpositions, whether it's old techniques (glazing and its usefulness, emulsion in painting, etc.), modeling work, masses or light, Karen will accompany you in a personalized way in your creations and will guide your curiosity.

A course that will help you advance in the knowledge of the many possibilities offered by oil painting.

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